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How to uninstall Youtube on iPhone?
In this guide, I will demonstrate how to entirely uninstall YouTube from your iPhone in a matter of seconds. Locate the YouTube app on your iPhone's display. Tap and hold the icon for a few moments. [short][show_emb_post_img 119][/short] Tap the "Uninstall App" button. [short][show_emb_post_img 120][/short] Verify your intention by tapping on "Remove App."  [short][show_emb_post_img 121][/short]  
How To Uninstall Youtube On IPhone?
Youtube Vanced "No internet connection
In this article, we will address the issue of YouTube Vanced displaying a "No internet" message despite having a functioning internet connection in other applications. Delete the Google account in microG If the issue arises after modifying your Google account password, the following steps should help: Launch the microG application. Remove the Google account associated with Vanced. Log back in and open YouTube Vanced. On certain devices, navigate to Android Settings > Account > Vanced ..
Youtube Vanced "No Internet Connection
Youtube Vanced cannot login into the account: how to fix it?
In this article, we will discuss how to resolve the issue of YouTube Vanced not logging into your Google account and occasionally causing infinite downloads. Please note that the methods described below might not be effective for Android devices running versions older than 4.4. For Xiaomi, Meizu, and Huawei users: Grant Vanced Manager, YouTube, and microG all necessary permissions in your device's settings. You may also utilize Lucky Patcher to grant them system permissions. To disable Google ..
Youtube Vanced Cannot Login Into The Account: How To Fix It?